Paige Adams, FNP, B-C

Paige Adams, FNP, B-C is a Family Nurse Practitioner and owner of The Center for Proactive Medicine in Nashville, TN. She graduated with her BSN in 1995, and worked in several areas of nursing, including Emergency Room, ICU Step-Down, and Management prior to receiving her MSN at Vanderbilt University in 2001.

She began diligently researching for the cause of her medical problems that had existed for decades. She has successfully treated her own hormonal imbalance (PCOS, Infertility), Crohn’s disease, severe adrenal fatigue and Hashimoto’s. This led to her opening The Center for Proactive Medicine, where she sees patients from across the globe.

Ms. Adams’ practice focuses on optimal wellness promotion and disease prevention. She treats patients with autism spectrum disorders (she is a MED-MAPS Fellow), hormonal deficiency and imbalance, adrenal dysfunction, thyroid disease, gastrointestinal dysbiosis, leptin resistance, unexplained weight gain and decreased athletic performance. Ms. Adams utilizes IV nutritional therapies, hyperbaric therapy, multiple detoxification modalities, nutraceuticals among others.

She is also a Generation Rescue Volunteer Provider–the only one in the state of Tennessee. Essentially, it means she sees two autistic children per year for at least 2 visits and absorbs all costs, roughly 2K/years. The reward, even though not monetarily, is awesome.

She has been a member of and trained by the following entities: ACAM, AAEM, ICIM, IFM, A4M, DAN! and MEDMAPS. In addition to seeing patients in her clinic, Ms. Adams enjoys speaking at seminars educating physicians and patients, alike.

In her spare time, Ms. Adams enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, traveling and researching.

The Center for Proactive Medicine
The Doctor’s Pavilion
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 331-1973

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