As a once poorly-treated hypothyroid patient, I remember those times I felt like I wasn’t getting enough air. It all went away when I had T3 in my treatment and understood to get optimal. ~Janie, hypothyroid patient and creator of this site


There are many symptoms of being undiagnosed, or of being poorly treated for one’s hypothyroid or Hashimoto’s state. Examples of being poorly treated are:

And “air hunger” is one of those symptoms. It also has the formal description of “dyspnea”.

What symptoms do hypothyroid patients describe which fits the term air hunger??

  • Needing to take extra breaths
  • Having “breathlessness”
  • Feeling as if you aren’t getting enough oxygen
  • Feeling uncomfortable with whether you have enough oxygen
  • Breathing feeling labored

What are the proposed causes in hypothyroid patients who are poorly treated?

How hypothyroid or Hashi’s patients removed their air hunger

Plain and simple, they learned the right way to truly get out of their hypothyroid state by adding enough T3 to their T4, or being on a working desiccated thyroid, to achieve this very important goal: They also need to test RT3 to make sure it’s towards the bottom area of the range or below. They can also need to treat an adrenal issue which if not treated properly, continues to cause problems.

If you end up with a clueless doctor who thinks the RT3 test is useless (it definitely is NOT useless), you can order your labs from the links on this page:

Want to see where your adrenals stand? Go here.

P.S. I have also found myself with air hunger if my serum iron got too low.

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