Thyroid Tidbit: Sock it to ’em, Dr. Lowe!!

Right on the heels of the insane recommendation by the UK’s Royal College of Physicians and the British Thyroid Association (that thyroxine be the ONLY treatment for hypothyroidism–see Feb. 14th below) came an EXCELLENT and THOROUGH rebuttal by Dr. John C. Lowe titled Stability, Effectiveness, and Safety of Desiccated Thyroid vs Levothyroxine: A Rebuttal to the British Thyroid Association. WAY TO GO, John!!

p.s. Also see Sheila’s experience on the Feb. 20th post. Awful

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5 Responses to “Thyroid Tidbit: Sock it to ’em, Dr. Lowe!!”

  1. Pat Gregory

    Despite Dr Lowe sending the rebuttal in 2009 – receiving no reply and sending a folow-up letter one year later in 2010. I believe he has been completely ignored and nearly another year has passed without a reply re his Rebuttal.

  2. Denise

    Hi I felt so ill on T4 alone I was almost suicidal, I now feel so much better but I learnt that Armour thyroid formula as changed and not working so well, I have also tried Nature-throid and heard about thyroid support formulas and thyroid rehabilitation and the possibility of actually getting rid of this curse. I am confused and not sure what is truth and fiction, please can you shed some light, I will never go back to Levo-hell. I am very angry at the way we thyroid patients are treated here in England. Many thanks Denise

    (From Janie: join the Natural Thyroid Hormones group for feedback on your confusion here: )

  3. Brent c

    Wow, big thanks to Doctor Lowe for calling this one out!

  4. Dawn

    Wow! Just goes to show how they use things that sway their side of the argument and what they want you to believe. All those studies eh?
    If they don’t take notice of this then we will KNOW they have an agenda!
    BTA what do you say?

    WTG Dr Lowe and thankyou on behalf of people needing DTH to have any kind of relief from the pains of hypothyroidism

  5. Sara

    This is a great article on “zombie science”! That is, when terrible science sticks around because that’s where the money is. Very appropriate for thyroid.


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