Thank you, Jeffrey Dach, MD

img_0276 When I work up this morning and later got on my computer, I read an email which informed me that Dr.  Jeffrey Dach had reviewed the Stop the Thyroid Madness book in a surprise article which came out today:

Yes, I write on the same site, yet had no idea he was going to do this…

You can also see my response to his review, on his blog, here:

Humble thanks, Dr. Dach.  With the shared experiences of thousands of hypothyroid patients around the world, I climbed a steep mountain to get that book out–a labor of love and the firm commitment to educate patients because of a medical community which has been keeping us sick.  Stop the Thyroid Madness!

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  1. jeffrey dach md

    Hi Janie,

    Here is another article I wrote that mentions STTM
    on Op Ed News:

    Why Natural Thyroid is Better than Synthetic

    Feel free to post a comment there.

    regards jeffrey dach md

  2. Georgiana

    Congratulations, Janie. I see now that I’m just gonna have to get that book. 😉


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