Oprah still doesn’t get it!! Let me come on your show, Oprah!

SECOND UPDATE as of Dec. 10th: WHOOPI GOLDBERG has it RIGHT! Today on The View, she stated that Oprah needs to take her thyroid problem SERIOUSLY!! Contact the View about STTM and the seriously correct treatment here.

UPDATE as of Dec. 10: Gail King, Oprah’s best friend, was on the Good Morning America show this morning talking about Oprah’s weight gain and thyroid problem. She also talked about how depressed she looked. Oprah, a huge and growing body of thyroid patients are all around the world, waiting to tell you what the answer is. Listen to us. We have been emailing you for years, and you’re going to see more of those emails. Contact Good Morning America here. (Then contact Oprah below)

Just on the stands, Oprah’s January issue of “O” magazine has an eye-opener: Oprah Winfrey admits that she’s now back up to 200 lbs, a condition that puts her at higher risk of several chronic conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. She states “When it comes to maintaining my health I didn’t just fall off the wagon. I let the wagon fall on me.”

But what Oprah, a wonderful talk show host and chairman of Harpo, Inc, doesn’t seem to get is that the “wagon” is probably a “poorly treated” hypothyroid condition, which causes a lower metabolism and easy weight gain. She even admits in the article that she deals with an out-of-balance thyroid condition which has made her develop a “fear of working out.”

A fear of working out?? Oprah, do you get exhausted from working out? Because there is NOTHING to fear with working out if you are optimally treated with natural desiccated thyroid in the presence of strong adrenals or adequate treatment.

Are you on desiccated thyroid, Oprah?? Are you dosing high enough to remove all symptoms?? Have you learned what patients have learned? And what condition are your adrenals in, Oprah?? Because it’s all too common for thyroid patients to have developed adrenal fatigue from being poorly treated for so long.

And Oprah, when you state that you don’t need to be thin, but do want to be “strong, healthy and fit”…the way to do that is optimally treat your thyroid! We are a large and growing body of patients worldwide who have done just that, and now live “strong, healthy and fit”.

IT IS TIME FOR JANIE TO BE ON YOUR SHOW, OPRAH. (Thyroid patients even have a book you can recommend to others.)

Because in all due respect to your personal trainer Bob Greene and Dr. Mehmet Oz…you have YET gotten someone on your show who can give you GOLD about the right thyroid treatment. Call me, Oprah. Email me, Oprah. I am waiting to tell you how to stop your yo-yo weight problems and fear of working out! We and I have a LOT to tell you, Oprah, to stop your own personal thyroid madness. Contact Oprah here.

Send a message to Oprah’s best friend, Gayle King, here. Tell her about desiccated thyroid and YOUR story. Send Gayle to this website so she can understand all this.

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9 Responses to “Oprah still doesn’t get it!! Let me come on your show, Oprah!”

  1. judy sabatino

    After I was married and my husband requested that I take birth control pills, I started having health issues, but ignored them. I weighed 135#. After my daughter was born, I weighed 176#.. And through the years the weight kept going up. At the worst 260#. The health problems kept adding also. I told the Dr. that thyroid problems ran in my family….to no avail!!! He told me I couldn’t lose weight because I was too D… LAZY TO STICK TO A DIET. Although I’d lost 40# in about 6 mo. on 600 calories a day, but then started to gain Another told me it was ALL IN MY HEAD and I should see a psychiatrist!. Finally in 1985 a Dr listened to me when I said I felt as if something was pressing on my throat. After testing, he said that a chemical in my body was 10 times what it should be. What that chemical is, he didn’t say. He started me on synthroid and the GOITER went away. In it’s place I was blessed (?) with diabetes, fibro myalgia, chronic headaches, fatigue, hair loss ( no eyebrows), IBS, insomnia, lack of libido, brain fog, high BP, depression, allergies, loss of balance, confusion, and on and on!
    But I know it will not always be this way.

  2. Beth

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I thought I was the only one outraged by Oprah’s lack of concern (on this issue) , for herself and for the “Thyroid community”. Isn’t her show this week dedicated to “Live Your Best Life”? Let’s start by opening the door to denial.

  3. Jacqueline


    Here is an article describing hypothyroidism and armour thyroid from the Women to Women clinic — the one cofounded way back when by Dr. Northrup! It gave me an “aha” moment when I first read it — I hope it gives you one too. http://www.womentowomen.com/hypothyroidism/hormonalimbalance.aspx

  4. Leslie

    Wow. I was SO disappointed after reading this story in her mag. I am not a “fan” of O or anything, but I do like her mag and she is shockingly ill-informed on this subject and has her head in the sand. I guess she is medical establishment all the way and hasn’t bothered to research anything about an illness that has obviously had a huge impact on her life – again, very surprising to me given her “seeker of truth” type persona. I hope everyone is writing letters about this story – I am.

    I am still trying to find the optimal dosage and treatment for my hypo and even the Armour friendly docs I have found do not fully understand treatment and tell me I am on too high a dosage despite persistant weight gain and hypo symptoms (I know I need adrenal treatment). I am watching every one of my family members suffer from the effects of thyroid disorder; some are being treated but most are getting progressively worse. One is an Aunt who has been diagnosed with everything from ALS to neuropathy and a brother who has severe joint pain. I agree with Woopie” – Oprah needs to take her thyroid issues seriously and now.

  5. gina

    i guess we’ll just have to wait for her **NEW!** can’t-fail best-ever diet-fitness-lifestyle-spirituality-money-management-feng-shui-yoga-meditation program (starting with great fanfare in early january) to crash and burn, like all of the previous versions have …

  6. Louise

    Get the latest O magazine…in it Oprah describes being hyperthyroid then hypothyroid up and down!!! Obviously a case of Hashimoto’s! I wonder if she has been tested for other autoimmune conditions that a lot of Hashi’s people get, like pernicious anemia (B12 deficiency), Celiac disease, etc.

  7. Gail Johnson

    I’ve been battling thyroid for 21 years now as of 1987, maybe even longer. I went through a difficult pregnancy, losing over 77lbs. No MD detected it until after I delivered. I was yelled at, looked down on as if it was all my fault by so many. I was losing 3 to 4 lbs a week. After delivering I was told that I had graves disease and fluid around heart, mostly likely from untreated thyroid. I had the radiation, and after one year of radiation therapy, I gain the weight back.

    I then had normal thyroid function for another year. Lost 105 lbs. Than on day my thyroid test came back “underactive” instead of normal. I was on several medications. I gained weight so fast. 85lbs in 6 months. I hurt so bad. Just standing on my feet was so painful. I was so cold all the time. My test kept showing that the new meds were working. But the my body was saying “no it was not”. If I don’t have my meds I gain fast not 5 or 10lbs. 20 to 30lbs in a month! We really need the awareness of this condition to be raised to a higher level for testing and finding the right medication. So many people have this condition and don’t know it. A lot of physicians are brushing this under the rug by saying “just take this drug and your levels are normal”. Enough is enough.

  8. Lady12

    I don’t get people like Oprah. She isn’t the only one I’ve come across in “hypothyroid denial”.
    I know people who feel like crap, can’t lose weight, etc. They get a hypothyroid diagnosis and ignore it!!!!!
    I knew what was wrong with me and had to seek out a doctor to treat my low normal numbers!

  9. nutralady2001

    Yes Oprah………..fear of working out? I work out at least 3 times a week , have joined Curves and also walk all because I now treat my thyroid condition optimally with Armour thyroid. I have lost all my hypo weight (never had a weight problem in my life prior to that)

    think it’s time I emailed Oprah myself with some links ..*wink*


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