The tortoise and the hare: the STTM movement is the tortoise, but we’re winning!!

Hardly a person hasn’t heard Aesop’s fable of the tortoise and the all-too-confident hare, running their I’ll-prove-to-you-who’s-boss race. The hare was FAST and certain to win the run. But the ever-so-committed tortoise, even if slow, slower and slowest…was steady…and won the race.

Until recently, I thought our thrust and determination to change the Big Pharma, zombie-doctoring medical system in the treatment of hypothyroid would be like the hare. We’d get the attention of the mass media through our great determination, shout the message of a FAR better thyroid treatment, and create huge change.

But I think I was wrong. Change has occurred, but we have been doing it like the tortoise…slow and steady.

Slowly but steadily, we are seeing more and more doctors starting to “get it”, even if they still have a way to go. Slowly but steadily, folks are finding out why they have less stamina than others, or depression, or rising cholesterol, or fibromyalgia, or thinning hair in the face of the dogged “normal” diagnosis…all due to an inadequate medication called T4, aka Synthroid, Levoxyl, Eltroxin, et. al. and a lousy lab called the TSH.

Slowly but steadily, folks are finding out about desiccated thyroid to treat their hypothyroid, and cortisol to treat their adrenal fatigue.

Even the STTM book has been like the tortoise. Literary agents didn’t get it, nor did huge publishing companies. I finally stopped counting, but I bet I had over 200 rejections. They all thought it was simply “another” thyroid book. So the fruition of the STTM book came out of true sweat and tears, and a lot of cuss words as I squirmed through my frustrations. Yet, the STTM book–a PATIENT-TO-PATIENT book of which I was only the messenger, is not only a steady seller like the tortoise was steady, but sales keep growing every month, reviews are excellent, and lives ARE changing. How can you criticize a message, whether the STTM site or the book, that is based on the positive and critical experience of thousands of patients around the world!!

Change IS happening! Like the tortoise, we’re winning the race and creating change, bit by bit, whether it’s via STTM, various internet thyroid groups, other good books, or just word of mouth. We’re all a part of it. But we can’t be complacent, because it’s truly obvious by blogs and websites I read that there’s still a huge body of hypothyroid patients still suffering on T4 who need to find out what WE have found out. But it will happen, bit by bit. 🙂

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One Response to “The tortoise and the hare: the STTM movement is the tortoise, but we’re winning!!”

  1. Katy

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU and remind you that you are making a huge difference. I’m 28 years old and just found out last week that I’m close to having Autoimmune Thyroid Disease. My mom and her brother are also hypothyroid, plus I have many of the symptoms that, until now, I blamed solely on my PCOS. Thanks to your site, I’m starting to understand the impact that my thyroid is having on my health and I’m determined to start treatment for it. And since I found your site FIRST, I’ll demand CORRECT treatment for it instead of wasting years on synthetics. My mom is on synthetics and I’m going to push her to push her doctors to put her on desiccated thyroid medication instead. Here’s hoping we both get some relief soon!!


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