Endocrine society says T3 can be substituted for T4–WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG!!!

Shock and amazement.

At the 90th annual meeting of the Endocrine Society, it was announced that T3 can be an effective substitute for T4. And…the target TSH was .5 – 1.5.


But it’s GOOD news.

OK, so…

1) it’s light years behind what patients had already figured out for a longgggg time
2) it’s not as effective as being on desiccated thyroid (which has exactly what your thyroid would be giving you: T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin)
3) the TSH needs be even LOWER when you are adequately treated.

….but it’s a GOOD STEP in the right direction!!


p.s. Maybe if some of those Endo’s would open their minds to what PATIENTS HAVE LEARNED on this site and the book, they might finally make the next great step!! TAKE THIS INFORMATION INTO YOUR DOCTOR’S OFFICE!! It’s the power YOU have to change this mess!

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5 Responses to “Endocrine society says T3 can be substituted for T4–WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG!!!”

  1. Eric Pritchard

    My mother-in-law has been on T3 for forty years….

  2. mo

    I was diagnosed based on my T3 resen uptake….I had an 80 lb weight gain a mother with Hoshimotos and a sister with Graves disease and the doctor I was with at the time told me I was “Not eating right’ even though I had NEVER been over weight in my life even after four kids and was in my forties this nimskull was going only by my “normal ” TSH fortunetly for me my GYN doc knew about T3 and T4 and found both were off and also the fact that I had EVERY sypmtom in the book by the time he got me ti an endocrinologist I had myxedema which is fluid under the skin and that is a stop before coma,,,,as an RN I knew I was in trouble…thankfully I have wonderful doctors now and a great endocrinologist who LOOKS at ME first and the LABS second

  3. Tasia

    I wonder what made the endo. society change their mind? Maybe explaining the endo. society’s thought process to reluctant drs would help patients get the treatment they deserve.

    I’m so happy to hear about the new standards. Most medical drs are apprehensive to treat if it is not outlined in the “endo manual”.

  4. Tina

    I am SO glad I found this site! After struggling for years to EVEN GET DIAGNOSED, it’s now confirmed,after much misery..Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and a goiter…and it only took me 2 YEARS to convince my primary care physcian to switch me to Nature-throid which I started 2 weeks ago and am already feeling better!The info I find here and at Mary Shomon’s site (and y’alls books)has been invaluable in helping me be my own proactive advocate…and it’s good to know we are finally getting through to our docs…let’s all keep fighting the good fight and move on in faith that our actual physcial improvements cannont be denied when they see it with their own eyes!

  5. aprillv68

    I think that’s wonderful news, just what i’ve been waiting to hear!


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