Dumb as boards; blind as bats

I use those phrases often. I can’t help it. Because it’s exactly what doctors are when it comes to thyroid treatment. It’s APPALLING.

Yesterday, I had the first of two book signings. It was announced in the paper, and I wasn’t sure what the turnout would be. I shouldn’t have wondered. It was a great turnout. People are GETTING IT that there is SOMETHING WRONG with their treatment. Around me stood several women, all still on T4 (Synthroid, Levoxyl, et al), and ALL suffering. All but one woman had weight problems. Several had rising cholesterol. Some admitted to being on anti-depressants. Some obviously had adrenal fatigue. And ALL were being told by their doctors that their thyroid treatment was now “normal”. Where can I go beat my head against the wall?????? They were eager to get the book and the knowledge it contained to change their lives!

So far, the book has been sent to Norway, Iceland, Belgium, UK, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia and Canada, besides all over the US. The STTM website started the wheel to turn, and the book can only move it faster. And add it to other thyroid books which had begun to mention the truth (Broda Barnes being the first) as well as other groups and websites—we’ll eventually knock some SENSE and SIGHT in doctors, don’t you think?

The Stop the Thyroid Madness book, the bible of correct thyroid and adrenal treatment, by patients for patients, can be ordered here.

P.S. I live near one town which serves a population of nearly 35,000 people, and near another of over 4000 people, and there are plenty of doctors around here. Yet, there is not ONE doctor in this area that “gets it”. I sympathize with YOU if you are in the same boat.

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5 Responses to “Dumb as boards; blind as bats”

  1. Cherrielane

    Wow, just read your book, love it and thank you so much.

    I am one of the few lucky one’s who have a Naturopathic Physician here in Hawaii who uses and prefers Armour Thyroid. I was having symptoms of hair loss, low temp. 96.5, depression, aches and pains, low or non-existent libido. And after reading your book decided to up my 1gr Armour to 2gr, my N.D. told me “you’re the best barometer here to decide when to stop, just keep me updated.” She asked that before I go into another dose to come see her or call. It’s only been 4 days and I feel so much better! I have been dealing with Hypo for over 10 years and was previously never “allowed” to go over 1gr of Westhroid and hence never felt good. Once again, thanks for your site and book. We will all be forever indebted to you.

    I can imagine “some” people are furious over your website and book. After reading some of the horror stories, there are some Doctor’s whom should truly be ashamed of cow-towing to big pharma. Take charge people, why stay with a protocol that isn’t working, should your (hired) Doctor not want to work with you-fire him and find one that will, they are out there!

  2. Suzanne

    I have been on the “subclinical” hypothyroid rollercoaster for a few years now. I turned 40 and went through menopause in two months. At the same time my TSH was 6.5. I started on generic synthroid 88mcg which about killed me. I was never so sick in my life and I had significant hair loss. They put me on Armour 80mg. I did not have the terrible side effects that I did on the T4 but I lost a pound a day. I threw the meds away and went without. Two years later my TSH is climbing to almost 10. Back on Synthroid(no generic this time) 50mcg to avoid color/filler. I did not have side-effects and started to feel somewhat better. Went to a routine health screening at my job and found out my glucose was spiking over 200 after meals. Stopped Synthroid and glucose problems went completely away. (Endro thinks the glucose issue is a diabetic issue but it is the Synthroid. I feel like the Endro does not believe me. I test my own sugar and it has been fine unless I take 50mcg or higher of the Synthroid) Put me back on Synthroid only a half of tablet of the 50mcg. Within 2 weeks my joints are aching.(glucose fine at this dose) My body hurts so much. I am an athlete. I am 135lbs of solid muscle and eat organics. I am healthy with the exception of this thyroid nightmare which I think is behind the premature menopause and the high cholesterol number. I am lucky that my HDL number is very high which helps my choleterol issue. I am buying this book. I am so sick of the thyroid rollercoaster and want my life back! I do not understand why doctors will not listen about side effects. We know our bodies better than anyone else does.

  3. Judy Ruziecki

    I have been taking the same dose of synthroid for so long now that I can’t remember when I started. The doctor always tells me my tests are ok but I am heavy,have dry skin, fatigued,take meds for cholesterol and triglyserides and recently ones for depression.I did get to try Armour thyroid but I felt like my heart was racing and jumpy.Here is another interesting fact..my 26 year old daughter has recently had her thyroid removed due to thyroid cancer and her two young female neighbors in Albuquerque have also had thyroid cancer. What is going on and where can you get help?

  4. Nancy

    It is too overwhelming to hope Armour may be the answer. I am on Levothroid (3 years) and getting worse. Have had a TSH of at least 8 for a couple years till finally being a 2.5 and being cured recently. But body aches and pains are getting worse by the day. Ferritn is a 6 but my doctor isn’t concerned and said I should probably take some iron. The rheumatologist I saw this week (because of a positive ANA) told me to get more exercise – and this after I had already told him the physical toll exertion takes on me. Anyway, I am looking forward to buying your book – I hope it provides me with the necessary courage and energy to be more proactive and assertive with my doctors.

  5. Leeba Sonenzon

    I just want to say THANK YOU! You make me feel SOOOO much better!!!


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