Medical Doctors are Thyroid Lab Test Zombies

Ever seen a movie about a zombie?? They’re those empty-eyed, soul-less looking beings that seem to be totally automated without one iota of thought to what they do. And THAT is how a doctor behaves when he looks at a thyroid lab result yet TOTALLY ignores how you FEEL.

On another forum recently, a gal posted that for the first time in over a year, she is feeling almost normal again. Her hair shedding has improved tremendously, her brain fog has lifted, and her metabolism has decided to work again. Additionally, she has just recently been able to lose 10lbs. And it’s all because of Armour.

Yet……because her TSH was .01, and her free T3 was one point below the top of the range, her doctor thinks she is overmedicated. And she now laments “It has taken me so long to get this far. I do not want to go back.”

So here we have a thyroid patient who has PROGRESS on Armour…yet because she has a zombie doctor who thinks black ink marks on a piece of paper are much more important than how she FEELS…she will be forced to feel bad once again…or like SO MANY thyroid patients, she’ll have to self-treat to get that efficacy of being on Armour.

Doctors, you repeatedly call Armour inconsistent, unreliable and dangerous. But the inconsistency, unreliability and danger lies in YOU and your failure to look BEYOND the lab test. As Mary Shoman has aptly stated “We are patients, NOT lab values!!”

And as Janie says, “Stop the thyroid madness!!” It’s not working! It never has! It still doesn’t!”

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3 Responses to “Medical Doctors are Thyroid Lab Test Zombies”

  1. nliu0704

    I was in the same boat too. Ridiculously after my endo see that my TSH is only 0.01 he told me to cut down my Armour to only 0.5 grain.

    What a joke. I think I am going to be my own doctor for a while.

    >>> Self medicated since 2003.

  2. Laurie

    Wow, this could be ME!! My TSH also came back as .01, and my free T3 was a little over the top of the range. But I feel fine, no symptoms at ALL of hyper – no racing pulse, my temps are fine, no anxiety or loose bowels.

    But because of the LABS, my Armour is being dropped down. Again. Which only means I’ll have to supplement MORE on the side. I’m ready to just ditch the docs altogether.

  3. Randi Court

    Hi, my name is Randi and the reason for this blog is simple. I belong to a medical group in which I am not ready to name, but it’s an HMO. Therefore, in order for me to see any specialist, I have to go through my internist…which is okay if you have an internist that truly listens to you, looks at your whole chart and sees that you have been here numerous times complaining of aliments in which he can’t explain…”maybe I should explore further before sending her off?”. Did I mention I don’t have a thyroid? Any idiot can go on the internet and see symptoms of hyperthyroid and hypothyroid. Well, I am one of those idiots that didn’t look until I remembered what another doctor had informed me to look out for. Silly me. I should have told this HMO doctor that I was simply having these symptoms that my old doctor warned me about, or maybe since he’s the doc and has my file, and knows that I am thyroidless, that he should have spotted these symptoms and ordered more tests than just a simple TSH? Well since my doctor insisted I see a neuropsychiatrist, instead of a Endocrinologist (thyroid specialist), I was a little disturbed. I called his nurse back, who is the middle man doctor, and asked her to please give me a referral for a Endocrinologist first. She called me back, and said your doctor is saying you don’t need an Endo, you need a Psych. Needless to say, I fired my doctor today! I have a new one in line to see next week and I will be bringing lots of publications of thyroid issues such as “My TSH is normal, so why do I still feel sick?” If you are hypothyroid, I would encourage you to go to Google and type that in, you will be enlightened to know you are not crazy, I know I was. Sincerely, Randi

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