This is the story of “A.M.”, who though being a strict vegetarian since she was 11, decided that being on Armour was her best choice, especially with being pregnant.

I have been ovo-lacto vegetarian since I was 11 for ethical reasons. I feel that as long as I am able to nourish my body without having to kill for it, that is the right thing to do. I do not even use personal care products with collagen since that is animal derived.

When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroid, I was first put on Levoxyl. It was a horrible experience: my hair was falling out in handfulls, I was switching between suicidal and unbearable anxiety (usually I have a slight bit of depression and anxiety but I could tell this was artificially induced) and all my hypo symptoms got worse.

I researched and discovered that Armour is the best thing to treat with. I have also been trying to get pregnant and have read up on hypothyroid treatment during pregnancy. When I googled I found MANY accounts of miscarriages while on synthroid, and the only reference to miscarriage I saw with Armour is people saying they had one *before* they got on Armour and had healthy pregnancies after being on Armour. I had to fight with my doctor to get him to give me a prescription, and I started feeling better fairly quickly. It’s a little less than a year later and I’m now up to 5 grains (1.5 of prescribed Armour and 3.5 of Thyroid-S). I don’t feel perfectly well but the difference is amazing.

I feel sad that pigs have to die for me and my children to be well, but I’ve always said…if I NEED an animal product to nourish or treat my body so that I can function, I would do that. I feel that me having a quality of life enables me to be more productive and contribute back to the world more, so it is worth the sacrifice of having to use an animal product. And I believe that protecting my children, in the womb and out, is my highest priority. Of course I would always advocate for the humane and natural treatment and slaughter of animals also.