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    From Janie: Often over the years, there are topics I’d love to talk about, but not enough to write a full blog post about–the latter which can take a lot of work and is here! Then a lightbulb finally hit me! I need to go back to a TIDBITS page–just for shorter comments on topics that strike me.

    November 22, 2020 Opinions vs solid evidence.

    I recently had a semi-friendly back and forth exchange with someone in a non-thyroid group we both belong to. And sadly, she seemed to give credence to ego-driven “opinions” from a particular thyroid group–opinions which were opposite nearly two decades of solid patient-reported experiences, observations and wisdom in getting well worldwide.

    So all I can say to you is be careful. Just because someone states a strong opinion doesn’t mean it’s solid, nor does it necessarily override 20 years of patient experiences and observations in getting well—which STTM is about.

    As creator of the site, patient-to-patient reports is my main focus via years of groups, comments, feedback, even patient-to-patient research. It’s why I call myself the “creator of this site”, NOT the “creator of the information”.

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