As I found out…as many have found out…getting well is a journey. And we have to walk the road to recovery to arrive.

The road can go up and down and curve around, but it’s still a journey and you WILL arrive. And you have to be prepared for two things before you arrive to your destination of feeling wonderful again:

1) rocks in the road, which represent those issues you may have to discover and treat along the way
2) crows, which are your reactions and which you need to SHOO away!


Thanks to thyroid patient Joan Trudo Steckelberg for designing the above illustration of “The Road to Feeling Wonderful Again!”  ~Janie, hypothyroid patient and site creator

When I, Janie, first put T3 in my treatment (which at the time was a working desiccated thyroid) and before there was Stop the Thyroid Madness, I had to figure out and deal with a lot of rocks: constant heart palps with each raise; frequently overdoing it and landing myself back into bed; the misery of iron anemia with its achiness/depression/fatigue and having to get it back up twice; figuring out I had high cortisol with its dizziness/nausea in the face of stress/fatigue; low potassium and high blood pressure; low Vit. D; cramps from my low magnesium. But I finally walked the journey with blood, sweat and tears…and arrived.

  1. Here is the page to help you know HOW to walk the journey:
  2. And it’s strongly recommended to have the updated revision Stop the Thyroid Madness book for more info.
  3. And if you have Hashimoto’s, here’s your life-changing patient-to-patient book, called Hashimoto’s: Taming the Beast.

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