Question 2 “If you chose #1 above, why do you feel very satisfied about your thyroid treatment by the majority of medical professionals you have seen over the years? (Choose any that apply)” — “Other (please specify)” Responses

67 total responses


1. totally unsatisfied

2. I mainly go to already recommended docs.

3. Not Satisfied

4. No doctors, 25 of them, knew a thing about thyroid.

5. not satisfied

6. my endo just told me you have chronic thyroiditis look it up on the internet and join a support group. he slso put me on 50 mcg of levo and that was all. when i ask questions all he says is join a support group

7. They ony want to test the TSH

8. The doctors had no idea, I had to figure out on my own what is the best treatment

9. that was 25 years ago and the all over body rash I had went away when prescribed synthroid by my GP. Five years ago I started feeling off. I kept getting more tired, was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases. I ignored how tired I was and pushed through all symptoms. My ferritin level went up to 699 with elevated liver enzymes as well. I am now finally at the begining of my wellness journey. I have recently seen both an endo and a naturopath. Based on what I learned on these thyroid pages I prepared a list of tests I thought should be performed. The endo was cautious (linear) and wanted to wait 5 weeks before testing for TSH, FREE T4, FREE T3, TPO END POINT & THYROGLOBUOIN AB ENDPOINT. He said I was taking my synthroid incorrectly – thus the 5 weeks. after that I saw a naturopath – Dr Anderson. He added to my list of tests. I am waiing for the results from both doctors & will from my final impressions of both at that time.

10. I heard about Kate Lemmerman on The Peoples Pharmacy program on NPR and drove 5 hrs for care. I recently found a practitioner 1.5 hrs away. I consider myself quite fortunate!

11. most just keep changing doses. newest doctor is doing an ultra sound and wanting to figure bst for me!

12. idiots

13. Did not listen only option was to remove thyroid

14. needs more understanding about this illness

15. na

16. I finally found a good doc that listens and I can work with. Majority not withstanding I have a minority in my neck of the woods.

17. I have only seen an integrative medicine doc for my thyroid. My GP has never addressed the issue.

18. not helpful

19. I had initial difficulty convincing my PCP I needed to switch from levoxyl (felt horrible on it) to Armour Thyroid (extreme improvement) but he listened to me and we changed it.

20. Have worked with them and known them for a long time.

21. I have a Dr office who understands adrenals and ndt, t3, cortef, iron, etc…however I don’t think those 2 things are the answer to everything. Most other drs would look at my tsh and think I was very very hyper

22. I was lucky enough to have the first DR who suspected my levels were off be correct. She’s been nothing but responsive to my symptoms and whie I am not “stable” right now she has always worked with me.

23. With 2 exceptions out of 7, I handpicked holistic practitioners BEFORE I became a patient.

24. They all thought I was not Hypothyroid and I was with adrenal fatigue

25. They let me stay on nature thyroid even though most had never heard of it

26. the only reason I got NP was because I was on it (self prescribed) before I started seeing him

27. I ma his experiment

28. My doctor was flexible to try t3 only and it was his suggestion not mine.

29. i don’t doctors don’t know and they don’t listen

30. Haven’t found a doctor I felt really helped me at all.

31. Better than before but needing more than just T4 meds.

32. At least they have been willing to put me on natrual thyroid medicine and write and send the prescriptions where I need them sent. But I live in a big city – Philadelphia. (Well suburbs of). I can see Michael Overbeck as well and am.

33. Only saw one doc; he wrote scrips I asked for, and allowed me ot lead treatment.

34. I don’t feel better and they’re focusing in the thyroid all the time. I have lyme and more infections but before I though that my thyroid was causing all my horrible symptoms, until I knew I have infections leading in a thyroid problem. Doctors don’t know how to read not only thyrodi labs but they can’t read other labwork. Amazing!! And criminal!

35. no one takes me seriously.

36. now pay a monthly concierge fee in addition to office visit charges

37. they don’t know or care about the throid

38. I was given a private prescription for NDT, which is almost unheard of in the UK. However, I do have to pay for it, whereas synthetic Levothyroxine would be free to me.

39. I don’t I’ve had this for the past 12years

40. I have had a couple of Doctors who didn’t mind giving me Amour Thyroid

41. Only consulted an MD and an osteopath who use bioidentical hormones

42. I had my Thyroid removed 18 years ago and have not been well since.

43. 3rd last dr is the one I felt the need to write about on dr website, due to his treatment and attitude, he was a new dr, having just left being a naturpathic dr! arrogant, uncaring, unlistening, in his 30’s, demeaning, ps there is only one website that dr’s can’t delete your neg comments about them online! rate my md takes them off before anyone reads them in the public eye.

44. I educated her and she complied.

45. Because I am an RN, I know the system and HOW to best leverage IT to my advantage an needs, and because of my own added extensive research & knowledge, they know that I know my stuff & respect me. If they don’t, I will go elsewhere! I also know where to go and where NIT to go!

46. Wouldn’t test me! Your normal!

47. I finally found a doctor who know how to treat thyroid

48. I go to an integrative MD, others know nothing

49. I have an excellent Doctor of Osteopath that treats my thyroid. (The only good doctor I’ve found for thyroid).

50. Hahahaha! “If”??? Did anyone chose number one???

51. First doctor was recommended. Hit it on the mark. Knows his stuff.

52. they were holistic MDs

53. the doctors we not good listeners and didnt seem to know what they were doing. not affordable at all . I’m still suffering today with my thyroid symptoms.

54. Some had knowledge, some did not

55. had to go to another state to see a good doctor

56. not by MD, rather Naturopath

57. They never listened to me and my symptoms defining me “anxious”

58. They all were clueless

59. Endos not to good

60. They don’t listen

61. I have a good doc now, but for years, it was hell.

62. I have only seen 2 docs for thyroid 1 didn’t help 1 still is

63. I’m not satisfied with treatment received

64. undiagnosed for TWO decades! resulting in TWO auto immune which has taken my life away!

65. all of my doctors have treated me as if I am just a lazy fat butt who should stop eating and exercise.

66. doctors uneducated about diagnosis and treatment

67. I did not choose 1

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