She had Lymes Disease and hypothyroid, and it was only when she switched to Armour did she finally get relief from the Lymes!

In l987 l was diagnosed with hashi’s along with Lymes disease….great combo. I thought l was dying…and l guess l was. l spent half of my life being afraid to go to sleep fearing l wouldn’t wake up and the other half hating living so much, wishing l wouldn’t wake up. l was suicidal off and on for l5 years battling these two diseases.

Almost every symptom l complained about to my doctors was treated as a Lymes symptom for the entire l5 years. These symptoms included fatigue, tinnitus, migrating joint pain, headaches, difficulty concentrating, hives, depression, agoraphobia, panic attacks and a few others. l took massive amounts of antibiotics during this l5 year period because at the time of my diagnosis, l had optic neuritis and lost complete vision is one eye.

This entire time l took Synthoid and l was never even told there was anything different l could take. My labs were always “perfect” and l also was never told that l could still have symptoms of hypo even though l was on medication. This could have saved me years of unneeded antibiotics.

Finally after numerous tick bites, l moved away from NJ and out the CA where l found a Endocrinologist who was very familiar with Lymes. He also by the grace of God was very knowledgable in the use of Armour! When l told him how l hated taking my Synthroid, he switched me over to Armour…and the remaining symptoms that l had had for years simply went away over a period of about one year! He also put me on another year of antibiotics because even after all those years of treatment, all my Lymes tests were still positive.

Since 1987, this is the first time l have been able to go more than 2 years without a long round of antibiotics. In fact l haven’t had any antibiotics in that time. l thought l would have to spend the rest of my life off and on those drugs and had l not found Armour, l would probably be on them now.

l have no symptoms and my life has returned to normal and that would not have happened for me without Armour and this board to encourage me to take all the hormone that my body needs.

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