Terri is in Australia and this is a great story of how Natural Desiccated Thyroid can change a life after depression, suicidal thoughts and extreme fatigue!


I woke up this morning and my first thought was the blood test results I received yesterday; after 5 months on Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT), plus regular supplements and gluten free/dairy free, my blood work is now where we want it to be!

When I look back to how unwell I was during the first consult with my Functional Dr, I am so relieved. I was so sick I had to take notes with me in the event I couldn’t remember what I needed to tell him because of my brain fog. I was so depressed I was suicidal and so exhausted I lived on my couch. I had a very poor quality of life, no longer leaving the house for work, church, coffee dates or other social/family outings.

I was referred to a Psychiatrist who diagnosed Bipolar and prescribed multiple prescription medications, some with terrible side effects. In 2014, I had 4 courses of Electric Convulsive Therapy (also known as Electric Shock Therapy) as I wasn’t responding well to the medications. This left me confused with loss of memory and [some] cognitive impairment which Dr’s insisted would be temporary. Yet, I still struggle with that side effect today.

I had numerous hospital admissions during this time and was forced to leave the job I loved. My world became very small, very isolated and very sad; I barely had the energy or finances to take care of my basic daily needs.

The transition to NDT was not smooth. After initially noticing a difference within the first two weeks, my Dr left me on the starting dose for too long. So I became very hypo very quickly. After seeking advice, I started dosing via the PIG & here I am telling you my good news story.


I am still managing some moderate to severe pain issues. But I now have the clarity of mind and strength of body to take the next step to reclaim my health. I’m SO grateful to STTM for their personal experience, guidance, information & friendship. I have felt fully supported before, during & after my transition to NDT. Blessings.