Her cholesterol went down!

NOTE: Stacey’s story is about Armour desiccated thyroid, which has T3 in it. But this can also happen with T4/T3, or even T3-only. Remember no matter what you are on, get optimal!

BEFORE Armour (or before T3 in my treatment):

Cholesterol- 6.45 (Should be below 4.60)

Triglycerides- 1.34
LDL Cholesterol- 4.03

AFTER 6 months of Armour (or with T3 in my treatment):

Cholesterol- 4.08
Triglycerides- 1.03
LDL Chol.- 2.27

OHHHH I’m so excited… 6 months ago when I learned more about natural thyroid, I was on Synthroid, had high cholesterol of 6.50, felt sluggish and depressed and had every symptom in the book… but my TSH and all other #’s were in the ranges!

So frustrated until I made the switch to Armour! I’ve been on Armour for about 6 months now and I just got my yearly physical and bloodwork done and guess what!! My cholesterol is completely normal, and actually UNDER the range.

When on Synthroid my cholesterol never budged… on Armour, it DID, and I never changed my diet, never changed my exercise routine….

It was ALL natural thyroid/T3 that made my cholesterol back to normal!

I’m so happy right now…. That is pure proof that natural thyroid (or T3 in your treatment) really does do amazing things for your body aside from the thyroid itself. Thank you all for helping me make the best switch of my life!

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