She’s on Armour, saw a backslide, stopped ignoring her adrenal issues, and now feels great!

For someone who ignored my adrenals issues for a long time, I can’t believe how much better I feel on adrenal support with the Armour! I had to back off some of the Armour at first, but I’m back to 4 1/2 grains with the Delta and all is okay.

Some evenings, after I get home from work, I have started tackling things that need my attention around the house that I had to ignore before! lol.

I remember when I used to get up on Saturdays, early, ready to go run my errands, then come home, take care of all the birds, clean house, cook, and then watch tv in the evenings, & perch in front of the TV, and then the Dr’s made me so hypo on those ATD’s for the Graves Disease, that I became a couch potato in the worst way. Suddenly I couldn’t get up on the weekends, and staying in bed was more in line with how I felt than getting up and even getting dressed. I must have been a real sight, is all I can say.

But that is now gone. I got on Armour, which made a huge difference, and recently paid attention to the adrenal issues I was ignoring, and started on adrenal support.

Last Saturday morning I got up, took my car to the shop for a new catalytic converter, went next door to eat breakfast, and then an hour later, picked up the car, paid the mechanic and had them order a new muffler for my jeep that will be installed on Tuesday or Wednesday evening. I came home, talked to a friend for a while online, then decided that before my trip to Dallas this Friday, that I’d just get my radio checked out in the car because I lose reception for the F/M stations all the time, and I have to have music when I go somewhere. I ended up buying a new stereo/cd player for the car, and about 40 minutes later, I was on the road again and enjoying the tunes. Had to pick up some stuff for the grandkids to take with me this weekend, and then picked up my son and we went out to eat.

Thanks to starting on the adrenal support I needed, I feel better than I’ve felt in so long. It’s just unbelieveable. Armour made a huge difference in how I felt, but it seemed to fall by the wayside. But since adding a touch of adrenal support, all the good results are back. When I try to do something around the house, I actually can start and finish a task again! I really love this!

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