Battling depression for 15 years, and going from doctor to doctor only to be told her thyroid was “normal”, Laura finally found a doctor who put her on Armour, and her depression is GONE.

I started taking antidepressants 15 years ago (I am only 28) and none of them ever helped at all. Every symptom I complained about was always attributed to depression and nothing else. I had several doctors tell me “There is nothing wrong with you it is all in your head”. I demanded on probably 10 occasions that my thyroid be tested and saw 3 different endo’s but my TSH and T4 were always within “normal range”.

The life-destroying symptoms would just not go away! I would sleep for 12 hours at a time, totally unable to wake up, even for my children who mean the world to me. My hair fell out in giant clumps and I continually gained weight no matter how carefully I ate or how much I worked out. I was confused all the time and just felt like my brain would not function properly. I was miserable!

Finally a psychiatrist of all people checked my T3 (which was in the toilet according to him)and started me on Armour. I truly believed he saved my family and maybe even my life.

After only a few days I felt like a new person. I do not dread waking up in the morning and I have energy to just live my life! My hard work at the gym is finally yielding results. I have lost 6 lbs so far. That may not sound like a lot but I used to gain weight if I ate 1000 calories a day. Even my previously insanely heavy menstrual period is that of a normal women.

I am NOT depressed (and I wonder if I ever even was)! I am happy, whole and loving my life!!!! I never ever thought I could feel like this and when I think of my life before Armour it brings tears to my eyes.

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