He did the Adrenal Self Tests and the eye test revealed sluggish adrenals. Got on Isocort and doing well.

I began using Armour, and after being on about 1 1/2 grains, I began feeling “edgy” and nervous. I knew this was too low a dose for me to be going hyper. So, I tried the ADRENAL SELF-TESTS and the eye test was a positive indicator that I had adrenal fatigue.

So, I started Isocort, taking 8 pellets a day – 3 morning, 3 noon and 2 dinner, which gave me a total of 20 mgs. cortisol a day. Isocort took the “edge” off and allowed me to get my Armour up to 4 1/2 grains where I feel pretty good.

I am now phasing down on it – taking 6 per day – 3 morning and 3 lunch. So far so good on the phase down.

Isocort also helped reveal exercise intolerance. I say reveal because in hindsight, I recognize that I was wiped out after exercising before using Isocort. The cortisol in Isocort allowed the thyroid to get to my cells, which in turn, improved my exercise tolerance.

When exercising now I take additional Isocort to get me over the exercise. Exercises can use up to multiples of your resting cortisol needs.

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