Synthroid absolutely didn’t work; and Armour absolutely did!!

After months of a rapid decline in my health, accompanied by an endless list of terrifying symptoms, the diagnosis of Hypothyroidism and ensuing prescription of Synthroid gave me immediate psychological relief.

I felt positive Synthroid would end the troublesome loss of muscle and hair, dry scaly skin, hoarse throat, debilitating fatigue, shortness of breath, restless legs, and incessant tingling of extremities. It didn’t. I continued to regress further into a deep dark funk, losing the ability to think clearly, to walk without the use of a cane, tossing about all night long with unbearable cramps and pain, loss of breath, heart palpitations and continued hair loss.

I read about Armour and talked to my MD about trying a switch in medicine. She acknowledged I was rapidly going downhill on Synthroid and agreed to change my prescription.

Now into week four of Armour, I am able to walk without the aid of a cane and the muscle pain and cramping is gone. I sleep soundly, have no shortness of breath or heart palpitations, and I even have wonderful tufts of hair growing in and the reappearance of long lost eyebrows. Throughout the day, I have renewed energy and brain fog is a thing of the past. What a remarkable change!

If I had not joined a thyroid group and gotten insight from Pro Armour angels like Val, Stephanie, Pamela, Nora, Yasemine, I would assuredly be on disability and thinking of a way to end my deteriorating mind, body and spirit.

Armour has stopped the thyroid madness for me and has brought back balance to my life. I cannot wait to see what joy tomorrow brings!

Helen Trimble
Rising Sun MD

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