She feels great switching from .150 mcg. Synthroid to Armour!

I was on 150 mcg of Synthroid. Being on Synthroid, I was continuing to gain weight, I had no energy at all, my skin was flaking to the point it looked like snow! I am 50, 5′5″. My weight before all this happened was 125. Being on Synthroid, I gained 25 lbs in 3 months.

I kept reading all the great things about Armour, and made the switch in July.
I am currently taking 5 grains. Since the mid of Aug, I started to lose weight. I am now down 15 lbs. without changing my diet. I have so much more energy, I started working out again… something I have not done since last year. The brain fog is gone…hopefully never to return! I think this is my optimal dose. I cannot begin to tell you how good I feel again.

I cannot thank everyone enough, for the support you have given me. I feel like I have been given a second chance again.