Hooray!! This is your form to schedule a call with the Stop the Thyroid Madness brainchild, author, the go-to, and the ONLY poo-pah of OVER two decades of patient reported experiences and observation, Janie A. Bowthorpe, M.Ed. **Read ALL below–be responsible.**

1) What do I type out in my request for a call below?

A brief description, one or two sentences max, of what you want to talk about. DO NOT GO INTO DETAILS. Janie WILL be asking for those in the call. A live back & forth is far more informative than an email. (Janie does not do calls on evenings or weekends.)

2) After I request a call, how long before I hear from Janie?

You will usually receive an email reply in 3 business days or less. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER, TOO. NOTE: if the pointy-eared, internet monster” or the form fails us, meaning you didn’t get a reply after 3 days, you can THEN inform Janie via the Contact form that you never got a reply. DO NOT USE the CONTACT until three days have passed.

3) When I hear back from Janie with a workable date and time, plus how to pay, should I pay timely?

Since thyroid patients are actively requesting, not checking your emails or replying timely to her email means someone else can grab the day and time she offered you! 🙁

4) Does Janie call me?

If you requested a call and paid, yes. 🙂 Or if you requested ZOOM (audio and video), she will email you the link right before the call from the coaching call email. Or a minute or two after–rare, but it can happen. SKYPE will happen right at the time.

5) Can I get a refund if I forget about our scheduled day and time? (No)
Can I get a refund if I am late? (No)
Can I transfer the amount to another day/time? (No)
Can I get a refund if I just want to cancel what I already scheduled? (No)

Why all the “no’s”?? Because some people before you have ruined it for you by being thoughtless & irresponsible. 🙁 🙁 It is now absolutely required that you do whatever method it takes to remember the scheduled call, whether it’s by phone, Zoom, or Skype. Only RARELY is she a few minutes late, so check in. Thank you for being responsible and kind about this. 🙂



a) By doing a coaching call, you are agreeing that you will be receiving patient-to-patient information from Janie, based on what you explain about your issues, and based on OVER two decades of patient-reported observations and experiences in getting well. Then you agree to take total responsibility for how you use the information or in working with your doctor. You also take total responsibility for any risks. NOTE: Janie is not a doctor and just the person who relays what other patients have reported or observed in getting well for over two decades.
b) You agree that the contents of the call is NOT to be seen as a substitute for your relationship with or guidance from a qualified medical professional.
c) You agree that the $90 pre-payment for the first 30 minutes or less is a flat rate, based on “time”, not on “content”, plus it reserves your spot. If not paid in a timely manner, someone else can grab your spot.
d) You agree to find a way to REMEMBER the date and time, and be on time, as forgetting means we have to start all over again with a new date and time, plus a new payment. There are no refunds.

e) Once the call starts, you agree that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO WATCH THE TIME if you firmly want to stop at 30 minutes, and to say so at that point. Otherwise, it becomes a minute-by-minute extra amount that you agree to pay. It’s VERY common to go over the first 30 minutes for the first call, by the way, due to the amount of information given. But you can choose to not to receive all the info and ask to stop at 30 minutes.
f) You agree that if you go over the first paid 30 minutes, you will be paying for those extra minutes that day or before you go to bed. (Janie sends an email after the call about them) Thank you for being timely.

Real real patient reviews about a coaching call with Janie:

“Hi everyone. I did a call with Ms. Bowthorpe a few days ago. I have never received as much guidance as I got in this call, ever, with anyone, or with any doctor. I’m impressed and especially about the adrenal-cortisol details she gave me. This is the first time I have felt like I can finally feel good again. I know I have to find a doctor who will listen. We all have that problem, but she told me it’s always based on how hard we work to find one. So I will.

“Janie, you and I just got off our call. And I am now sure I know what to do to get my life back again. Thank you.”

“My review is this, I should have used Janie’s coaching call from the beginning instead of what was offered elsewhere. I now see how her information is more detailed and widespread. She mentions she has been doing this for two decades, and that is clear by what I learned. I am a 43 year old male.”

“This is my second call with Janie. She’s detailed. Has a lot of knowledge to help me. I’m impressed.”

“I am a health professional and have been using Janie Bowthorpe as a coach for my own issues. She has been precise, all encompassing in her knowledge, and supportive. For our latest call, I realize I was wrong not to get more testing that she mentioned that patients do. My wife also plans on doing a call with her. I appreciate it, Janie.’

“Janie, seriously. You are kind in the call and I appreciate that. You also clearly know your stuff from doing this so long. Thank you for doing what you do. “

“I have just finished a call with Janie and I can attest that she knows what she’s talking about much better than someone I’ve used in a particular Facebook group. I have sent this to her to use on her coaching call page”.

“Wow. I didn’t realize I would get so much valuable information to help me get well. I understand my cortisol problem and treatment better. Thank you Janie. It has made a difference.”

“I am sending this to Janie one week after our call to tell everyone that I was better equipped for my appointment with my doctor. I knew what I needed to say to her and what I wanted done. Thanks, Janie”

“I have used Janie’s coaching calls three times now, and I am better. I took notes that have helped me after the call. Janie is knowledgeable and now I see why others recommended her to me.”

“Thank you. I got more from you than I’ve gotten anywhere. Keep up the good work you do.”

Important note: STTM is an information-only site based on what many patients worldwide have reported in their treatment and wisdom over the years. This is not to be taken as personal medical advice, nor to replace a relationship with your doctor. By reading this information-only website, you take full responsibility for what you choose to do with this website's information or outcomes. See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.