This is your form to schedule a Coaching Call. PLEASE READ 1 – 5 BELOW. 

1) What do I say in the request for a call below?

A very brief description of what you want to talk about. I will ask more from you during the call, as I get a lot more just listening to you.

2) After I request a call below, how long before I hear from Janie?

You will usually receive an email reply within 3-4 business days OR LESS.

3) When I hear back from Janie with a date and time, should I reply to her in a timely manner?

Yes, I do need you to reply that day or evening, or very soon after. I usually have a waiting list of people, so if you don’t reply timely, I reserve the right to give the day and time to someone else in line. 🙁

4) Can I send Janie a lot of information/summary before the call?

No. Please don’t. That doesn’t help. I get a lot more information from listening to you during the call! If needed, I’ll ask for more details.

5) Do you, Janie, call me?

Yes. I will call you (or Skype you if you are not in the US or Canada). I’m usually on time. Occasionally, it might be within a few minutes from getting off from someone before you. NOTE: I use a “private number” on my phone meaning that’s all you see when I call. So be sure your phone can receive private numbers.

Date range for call
between and

Time range for call
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