This is an important large gland in your body!

Not only is your liver the largest organ in your body, it does an astonishing amount of work to keep you healthy. It helps…

  • maintains and stores blood sugar levels
  • metabolize (break down) fats and proteins
  • eliminate toxins via the bile it makes and secretes
  • store important vitamins and minerals
  • makes cholesterol—the pre-cursor for estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, DHEA, and aldosterone
  • makes proteins to help blood clotting (works with vitamin K)
  • filters your blood
  • helps convert T4 to the active T3 hormone.
  • And up to 500 more functions!

As for your thyroid health, your liver is is equally as important:

  • promotes type 1 deiodination for the conversion of  T4 to T3
  • helps with transport of T4 and T3 throughout your body

So what happens if your liver is NOT healthy??

Whether with autoimmune Hashimoto’s disease or non-autoimmune causes of hypothyroidism, transportation is less optimal, and the deiodination type 1 will change to type 3, meaning T4 will convert to excess RT3!

And guess what can make your liver unhealthy? Continued hypothyroidism, which happens to all-too-many who are on T4-only medications, or those left undiagnosed due to the TSH. Hypothyroidism is worsened with adrenal problems, and low iron. And liver function can become unhealthy or stressed if you eat poorly You can read more about all this here.

What can one do to promote better liver function?

For one, get T3 in your treatment!! Many listed in pink on this page.

You wouldn’t believe how many of us over the years and seen our livers become better for it as revealed by the ALT an AST liver enzyme test….each which should be in the teens. And get optimal no matter how you have T3 in your treatment, whether T4/T3, or T3-only, or natural thyroid supplements.

A second liver support?? The use of Milk thistle is one highly recommended way by many (use Milk Thistle supps from the seeds to avoid estrogenic affect). Also look into dandelion root/leaf, Sassafras, Burdock, Goldenseal and Yellow Doc root, Red Clover and Echinacea root as additional supplements to the Milk Thistle. NOTE: Milk thistle can lower iron a bit. So taking iron with it can help prevent that, such as 25 mg iron bisglycinate.

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