Hashimoto’s patients have it hard—a phrase created by and unique to Stop the Thyroid Madness, LLC. And it’s very, very true.

Hashimoto’s disease is one of a variety of different autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune means one’s immune system is attacking healthy cells in one’s body. The attack can be towards several parts of one’s body, or a single gland or tissue…as if parts of the body are a vile enemy. And in the case of Hashimoto’s disease, it’s the thyroid gland that’s being attacked. An immune system gone haywire.

The result of that cunning and nutty attack? Harmful chronic inflammation, the risk of pairing with other autoimmune diseases, and a weakened thyroid gland causing hypothyroidism…to name a few.

Hashimoto's: Taming the Beast book


Hashimoto’s: Taming the Beast

by Janie A. Bowthorpe, M.Ed.


1) “Taming the Beast”, a companion book to the updated revision Stop the Thyroid Madness book, has purposely been put together as concise, yet comprehensive. That means it purposely gets to the point about key information related to Hashimoto’s, while avoiding chattiness or long pages of stories to help those of you with brain fog and concentration problems.

2) This book starts out with key information about a healthy immune system vs. one gone nutty, a 10-point lowdown about Hashimoto’s, all about antibodies, patient-reported stages of Hashimoto’s, genetics pertaining to the autommune disease, and so much more.

3) FOUR chapters fully pertaining to reported patient experiences and wisdom which can help change your life and reveal that you are NOT alone as a Hashi’s patient!

  • Why and how Hashimoto’s patients go years without help or awareness of what is going on
  • Patient-reported foods which were and are problematic for some and all the symptoms
  • 43 most frustrating aspects of having Hashi’s as expressed by patients (especially about doctors)
  • 95 short testimonies on what patients are using or doing to successfully lower their antibodies!

4)  Like research? You will see a total of 241 footnotes throughout this book that will send you to research articles, or just good information for further reading. Additionally, one chapter simply summarizes 46 research articles pertaining to Hashi’s in one (or two) sentences. And as intended, YOU can choose what you want to further read…or not.

5) You will be made aware of, or reminded about, a variety of environmental triggers that can either birth autoimmune Hashi’s in the first place, or make one’s current antibodies worse. (Chapter 4)

6) There is a chapter totally focused on Hashimoto’s inflammation-what it can do to you, inflammation labs, what to do about inflammation, supplements and foods to consider to counter inflammation, and short summaries of three ways to eat to counter inflammation. (Plus of course, good footnotes, and added URL’s in the body if needed)

7) Two excellent and informative chapters on different gut health problems to explore, or be reacquainted with, including symptoms, types under each category, ways to treat, and more.

8) Different lists of patient-reported symptoms within different chapters to help identify your issues, for example:

  • a chapter with symptoms from the autoimmune attack
  • another chapter highlighting symptoms of adrenal problems
  • more about hypothyroid symptoms that appear while on T4-only or being underdosed due to a doctor’s reliance on the lousy TSH lab test,
  • inflammation symptom list…etc.

9) Each chapter has a lighthearted small drawing, pertaining to the subject, to send a friendly message about a serious topic, all drawn by Janie A. Bowthorpe, who is an artist.

10) There is a blank “NOTES” page at the end of each chapter where you can put page numbers to remember, or additional information you have gleaned in this book or others! That way, you don’t have to flip through all the pages to find what was important to you.

AND SO MUCH MORE!! This book encourages you to underline, highlight, dog-ear, paper clip, and use the NOTES page at the end of each chapter. This is YOUR book.

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