Dawn always failed in weaning off her HC, until she tried the Circadian Protocol with her first dose of desiccated thyroid. It has worked!

I had been on HC/isocort for over 2 years in an effort to regain my health. I was feeling good on the combination, but didn’t want to be dependent on cortisol forever and it had been difficult to optimize my sex hormones while on HC. I decided to wean and see what happened.

Sure enough, I started to feel fatigue and my asthma returned when I tried to wean. For me asthma is a tell tell sign of low cortisol and was completely gone once I got on HC . After being off HC for a few weeks, low cortisol symptoms were returning and I was needing my inhaler every day  and sometimes twice daily.

I decided to give the circadian dosing a try even though I was taking NDT. I took my NDT in 2 divided doses anyway so I moved my former early morning NDT dose of 1.25 mg to 4 am (my waking time is around 6:15 am). The other portion I continued to take at bedtime as I had been doing for quite a while.

And literally overnight my low cortisol symptoms disappeared and have not returned!!!

I figured that the 1.25 grains of NDT is giving me about 11 or 12 mcg of pure t3 which for me must be enough. I recently moved my dose time to 3:45 a.m to work more in synch with my husband who is also now dosing his NDT using this method and he is feeling good too! I have not had a reoccurance of asthma or any low cortisol symptoms since dosing my NDT this way. I am now trying this with my children who are on NDT and will report back as they wean off isocort after a full year on it!