Geoffrey T. Bouc MD

Geoffrey T. Bouc MD is board certified in both Family Practice and Holistic Medicine. He has an active practice in Beloit, WI. He graduated from The Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and did his Residency in Family Practice in Janesville, WI.

For over a decade, he has focused on treating people with poorly functioning thyroid glands. Experience has taught him that not everyone with hypothyroidism responds to treatment with “T4 only” containing medications (Synthroid, Levoxyl). He states: “Over the years many patients have come to me on these “T4 only” medications still suffering from many symptoms of hypothyroidism. This despite being told they have “normal” labs. In my practice, a simple switch to T3 containing medications has helped many people regain their energy.”

Unfortunately, many physicians refuse to provide patients with T3 containing medications such as Naturally Desiccated Thyroid ( NDT) due to adherence to outdated information and their own prejudices.

Dr. Bouc’s mission is to educate and heal.

He has four children, been married for 22 years and lives on a farm.

He can be reached at, a website dedicated to providing suffering people with the proper medication.

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