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In the spirit of Stop the Thyroid Madness as the Mothership of worldwide patient experiences and wisdom, here’s a summary of extremely interesting pages you’ll want to visit…all to help you be informed about your own thyroid cancer and in your relationship with your doctor….


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Many doctors over the years have told their patients that they should avoid Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT). But some post-thyroid cancer patients simply didn’t believe that was their best decision. This page explores a few research studies, talks about the thyroglobulin issue in NDT, and gives several testimonies of patients who moved to NDT. We leave that totally up to you in working with your doctor.


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WORDS OF WISDOM to a THYROID CANCER PATIENT … from other thyroid cancer patients who have already walked your path

This page is about interviews with 31 thyroid cancer patients, and what wisdom they would give to others based on several topics, such as being your own best advocate, your attitude about it all, working with doctors, post surgery, and others around you. All to help empower you based on the wisdom of others. Decide what resonates with you.


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THYROID CANCER IS AN EASY CANCER?? Patients are appalled!

It’s a common retort that thyroid cancer is an easy cancer compared to other forms of cancer. And some patients do report that all went quite well. But not all thyroid patients agree that it’s easy, nor did it go well. This article gives five reasons why the latter patients feel it definitely was not an easy cancer.


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Wisdom often comes when someone looks back, and this article allows many thyroid cancer patients to answer the question If you could change one thing in your entire thyroid cancer journey, what would it be and why?” 


• Check out this blog post called The Agonies of Being Thyroidless

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