Mary was lucky to start BOTH natural desiccated thyroid and the T3 Circadian Method around the same time. 

Since I started NDT in mid-January then started CT3M in mid-March, I’m feeling SO much better. Early on, I made a list of all my symptoms and I came up with 77. Every couple of weeks, I have been updating the list, categorizing which which ones improve and get worse from update to update. Over the past few months, every single one of those symptoms has improved, although they do fluctuate back and forth as they improve; 22 of them are GONE, mostly notably chronic fatigue; flu-like aches; suicidal thoughts; failure to ovulate; itchy legs, hands and feet.

It’s also notable that I have Poly-cystic Ovarian Disease, endometriosis, type I diabetes, and suspected Celiac. That being said, some of these symptoms are rooted in multiple issues and CT3M won’t treat them. But having my thyroid and adrenals in order will sure make it easier to get a grip on my other issues!

I have some tweaking to with my CT3M right now – improvements mean changes in BP, HR and temps! – but at this point I believe that my issues will be ironed out with time, and I can say that CT3M is working for me.

UPDATE: All 77 of my symptoms are dramatically better, and a large portion of them are GONE.