grapescenteredHi there! Congratulations on finding the vintage 1950’s child’s INDIAN HEADDRESS with feathers from Laughing Grape Antiques & Collectibles on Etsy.

Here’s your personalized Google Checkout Buy Now Button below for your credit card purchase. Just click on it and follow the prompts. If you’re not signed up, it will guide you  to do that process. If you have already used Google Checkout, it will be even easier.

On the day the item is shipped, you will receive an email from Google Checkout stating that fact. I will send your package either the day payment has been made (if it’s done early enough in the day–lol) or the next business day.

NOTE: You will see references on the Google Checkout page to a book I wrote and sell, Stop the Thyroid Madness, but it has nothing to do with your item. I just use the same Google Checkout program.

Janie 🙂

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