A Belgium Doctor “Let it Rips” about Crappy Hypothyroid Treatment in France–Good Job Dr. Resimont!

Hypothyroid patients, whether from Hashimoto’s disease, thyroid removal, genetics, or any other cause of having hypothyroidsim, have been finding out the bald crappy truth about how poorly hypothyroidism is treated by medical practitioners, especially in the use of T4-only.

And even worse, this crap treatment with nothing but T4, a storage hormone, has been going on for decades…decades!!! clearly affecting millions worldwide.

It’s T3, the active hormone, which changes our lives, NOT the storage hormone T4 by itself. We are NOT meant to live for conversion to T3 alone. Even a healthy thyroid provides some direct T3 with the T4. It’s about T4 with T3!!

It’s exactly why I, Janie A. Bowthorpe, started this patient-to-patient movement called Stop the Thyroid Madness in 2002. i.e STOP the scandal of T4-only. WE, not doctors, had to find out the truth about better treatment protocols with T3, better understanding of lab results and so, so, so much more. WE have done it, not doctors.

SO it’s extremely satisfying for patients if a doctor himself speaks the TRUTH of the scandal of T4-only. And in this case, it’s a doctor in Belgium who is expressing his frustration towards France!

The following was written in 2020 by Dr. Stéphane Résimont of Brussels in Belgium in French, and this is a google translation to English. It’s not a perfect translation, but I think you’ll get the drift.


For the attention of the President of the French High Authority for Health.

Dear Colleague,

We, myself and other colleagues, are literally drowned in French patients who come to seek help in Belgium….

Indeed, the practice of French doctors, given the pressure from the medical order, completely overwhelmed in its medical knowledge, and have seen a high health authority imposing obsolete and unsuitable treatments. Their patient population is in great suffering.

I will only speak here of the problem of treatment of hypothyroidism (*) which as you know is imposed as being the T4 (TCaps, Euthyrox, Levotyrox old and new formula) in France.

I have been a thyroid lecturer for twenty years and I am particularly familiar with this subject.

I ask you a simple question:

“Do you know what it takes to turn T4 into T3? “ (Which 90-95% of the population can no longer do).

Mg, Zinc, Se, B12, Iron, PROGESTERONE: GOLD (or gold could be translated as BUT)

T3 is the active hormone, T4 is a pro hormone, which can even drift towards Reverse T3 which blocks T3 if there is a blockage when it is activated …

Attached you will find one or the other lecture I gave on this subject.

And I come across your attached recommendations …

I would calify your recommendations as of criminals, at best the simple endangering of the life of others in view of CURRENT scientific knowledge.

You should be fully aware of the complications of unsupported or poorly managed hypothyroidism: overweight, diastolic hypertension, increased LDL cholesterol, depression, non-activation of beta-carotene in vitamin A, water infiltration in the tongue or in the palate which gives sleep apnea, morning fatigue and throughout the day, depression, hair loss, water retention, etc etc …

And finally when I see the ever-increasing number of French patients arriving by train or plane,  they are still treated with T4 and they still show all the signs of hypothyroidism, since they do not activate T4 in T3!!

I’m shocked to see that even endocrinologists prescribe T4 without worrying in the slightest bit about the possibility of transforming T4 into T3: no dosage of erythrocyte magnesium, zinc, B12, selenium, and they are not overly worried about the fate of T3 since, as you know, it needs vitamin D, vitamin A with a good omega 3 status and the absence of cytokines leading to dysbiosis, so that the receptor that goes nuclear power can ultimately act.

In recent years, I have had absolutely  no  patient in whom these assays were done… and these same patients are on T4… !!

I call it a monumental scandal!

It is very urgent that you bring your institutions up to date and that you stop forcing French doctors to work badly with your stupid recommendations.



(*) the other big concern is the failure to take charge of pre-menopause and menopause (we would therefore leave without worrying to run a car without water, without oil because we are in our fifties …) by estradiol, progesterone, DHEA, testosterone when the clinic deficiency is there and biology confirms it.


If you are impressed as I am, reply to this blog post with your praise to Dr. Resimont. And you can also express your total disgust about what STILL goes on today in the treatment of hypothyroidism.

NOTE: if you are reading this via the email notification, you need to click on the title of the blog post in the email to get to the actual blog post and where you can add a comment. Replying to that email does not allow anyone to see your comment.

**The original letter in French: https://www.asso-malades-thyroide.fr/wordpress/index.php/2020/01/05/lettre-du-docteur-resimont-a-la-haute-autorite-de-sante/

**Stop the Thyroid Madness’ page on the scandal of T4-only: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/t4-only-meds-dont-work

**And guess what being on nothing but T4 raises the risk of?? A cortisol problem due to the stress of still being hypothyroid. Here’s a saliva cortisol test you can order if in the US or Canada: https://saliva-cortisol.squarespace.com/ 

Or click the graphic below to see if being on nothing but T4, which is a lousy way to treat one’s hypothyroid state, has stressed your adrenals! This is for those in the United States or Canada only. 

Important note: STTM is an information-only site based on what many patients worldwide have reported in their treatment and wisdom over the years. This is not to be taken as personal medical advice, nor to replace a relationship with your doctor. By reading this information-only website, you take full responsibility for what you choose to do with this website's information or outcomes. See the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

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53 Responses to “A Belgium Doctor “Let it Rips” about Crappy Hypothyroid Treatment in France–Good Job Dr. Resimont!”

  1. Marie

    In Sweden we also have a lot of problems to get the right treatment för hypo. I ve been sick my hole life. When I was 16 my hair got white. The dises i epedemic.

  2. Jen

    Hi Janie,
    I just got a notification from my doctor’s office about this yesterday. I stopped taking NDT about 6 months ago due to the quality decline of Naturethroid and am now on a compounded T3/T4, which has been working ok. Seeing this makes me hopeful that maybe we’ll see a return of the old NDT. Your thoughts? https://getrealthyroid.com/voluntary-recall-information.html

  3. Rebecca

    I found a wonderful Functional Medicine Doctor in Pennsylvania a year ago. He is fully on board with NTD….sadly, all of them seem to be garbage now.

  4. Mary Garito

    Thank you Dr. Stéphane Résimont for your wonderful letter. Spending your time to try to help this worldwide problem is very heartening. I hope the French medical establishment listens. With more and more doctors sounding the alarm, one day patients will be able to get the care they need. Good luck to you!

  5. Carolyn Harper

    Hypothyroidism And Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Sarfraz Zaidi, MD. Available on Amazon. Big believer in Armour!

  6. yasmin

    I switched over years ago to Armour and now I am taking Thyrogold. I noticed in the last six months dark spots on my cheeks appearing. Although natural can be good but is this natural product raising estrogen levels? I read the high estrogen is linked to melasma

  7. Col

    Here in the UK I was previously told by a professor endocrinologist I am addicted to T3. Comparing me in his same email to a heroin addict. He wrote to my GP stating I would have a heart attack on the amount of T3 I was taking. He got more worked up and wrote again to my GP when I had informed him I had increased my dose. I was following advice from an overseas doctor who advised me to titrate upwards until I felt better and that doctor recognised I had a resistance issue. Nearly two years later a heart attack has not happened and I have been on way higher amounts of T3. Even up to 875mcg/day of Liothyronine which strangely resulted in my body and brain function slowing down. I gradually decreased my dose and improved.

    Even providing details from the MHRA, SmPC,and guidelines via complaints to the Prof endo, the GMC, BTA, CCG, Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman and others to support my case for my demand for reinstatement of T3. The professor endocrinologist still insists I must stop taking T3 and take T4 only because T4 is what i need to get better.Really?! He also wrote he is experienced and knows what he is talking about. According to him! This same doctor previously told me to reduce my dose overnight by around 95% and later told me (when I refused to do that) to halve my dose by the next day. He wanted to put my life at risk by getting me to start from scratch with taking no medication when I was taking several hundred mcg per day of Liothyronine due to a resistance issue (which he refuses to accept I have). Just out of interest I also asked if he would give me the equivalent dose of the T3 I was taking at the time in levothyroixine but he said he wouldn’t. RMOC states “… A reduction of dose of liothyronine by 10 micrograms will probably require an increase in dose of levothyroxine of 50 micrograms…” A reduction in a few hundred mcg of Liotyronine would therefore mean a lot of Levothyroxine.

    Even the President of the BTA lacks the knowledge and skills to handle my case. As stated in a letter I received from the hospital he works at. The letter states he wishes me luck!

    My NHS prescirptions for Liothyronine were abruptly stopped two years ago and all my efforts to get them reinstated have so far failed. Even though I had previously received Liothyronine under the NHS for several years.

    It is outrageous how doctors carry on putting the health of patients at risk. Due to incorrectly placing a high status on TSH and T4 only treatment. Whilst ignoring the signs and symptoms of their patients have. Even the ATA state TSH is of no use for resistance issues. Yet here in the UK doctors generally seem to not be aware of resistance issues, or they dismiss it as a possiblity. Partly due to them loving blood tests and blood doesn’t give a true representation of cellular T3 uptake. Especially as different cells, tissues and organ can all have different resistance levels at any given moment.

    Here is the UK there is a statement that Liothronine should not be changed to Levothyroxine unless there is a clinical need. Yet ‘clinical need’ has not been defined with examples. Therefore it is open to abuse and patients are the ones left suffering. I am waiting to receive a response as to what ‘clinical need’ means, with defined examples in regards to switching someone to Levothyroxine from Liothyronine. As it is very hard to get Liothyronine prescribed in the first place. Years ago it took 9 months for me to even get my first prescription of Liothyronine under the NHS from when the NHS endo had written to my GP to say he was happy for me to have it. In most instances patients have already been on Levothyroxine and found it to be ineffective and therefore trials and often does better with taking Liothyronine.

    It is also a cost issue here in the UK. With the NHS still vastly overpaying for Liothyronine.

    Thanks Dr Resimont for speaking out. More doctors need to see sense and do the same. This issue should not have been going on for decades.

  8. Nick

    A small ray of light in the miserable gloom of living with hypothyroidism. This doctor should be given a sainthood, I will make sure that my endo (in the UK) sees this letter. He is now a professor, but mainly thanks to all the ‘training’ that I have given him as an informed patient over the last 13 years, although still, he refuses to recognize the importance of RT3.

    • Tricia

      Hi Nick,
      My endo also refuses to accept the importance of RT3. Placing credence on TSH levels!!!! But at least he’s supporting me on a trial if T3; but when I phoned the recommended pharmacy I was less than impressed when the assistant didn’t know what a grain was and the pharmacist said “We only supply at the lowest dose of 20mcg. I didn’t get a reply to my “What’s 1.5grain Im mcg” I will ask my local pharmacist although I do now what it is. Honestly talk about making life difficult!
      I told my endo I was waking up in the night gasping for air. His retort was “How far can you walk before getting sob” I give up! This sob is linked to hypo problem – not the lungs! But I suppose he’s listening now I have a DIO2 problem which apparently 15% of folk in America suffer from.

  9. max thirlwall

    Thank you. Docs are scared to tell the truth and go against big pharma. I hope this terrible situation changes. It’s cruel and all staked against us if we do not do well on the levothyroxine. I have taken ndt for 11yrs my life on levo was not great. Thank you for telling the truth.

    • Tricia

      Hi Max, that’s good to hear. I’m hoping it will benefit me too. Only just starting out on this tortuous journey, after 18 yrs of only T4; the last 12 of which have been less than pleasant. Since I told my gp to please look at me instead of just blood results- she hasn’t seen me but I’m glad as the treatment by the locums had been great.

  10. Anna

    Thank you for telling the truth! Here in Israel the situation is the same and it’s a shame!

  11. Bette

    Thank you, Doctor, for speaking out about this very important matter which affects so many! I had to beg my doctor to prescribe an NDT instead of a T4 only treatment which I was on for many years. Even though highTSH, which is an unreliable way to measure thyroid status, showed that I was still hypothyroid (and had major symptoms), this doctor would only prescribe the lowest possible dosage of NDT. I had to travel 120 miles to find a good doctor who really understood hypothyroidism and who prescribed a proper NDT dosage to get me on the road to major health improvement.

  12. Claire

    Why does the medical world want us to remain ill – I get that they earn money from it – but that’s too dystopian. I’m struggling on T4 only at the moment, frustrated with the Kafka-esque dialogue. Need to be well to feed my family and enjoy life. Want to shout at someone. Have heard that Endocrinologists in London are saying to patients not to come to them if they want T3. Then who? And that we’re all scrabbling around trying to find suppliers in other countries to hopefully send us the hormone once we’ve sent through via PayPal or Bitcoin. It’s flipping ridiculous or begging for full blood tests. Might go see this guy in Belgium. Thank God there’s someone!!!

    • Janie Bowthorpe

      Do a search for Metavive Pro 60mg

      • Tricia

        Hi Janie,
        Thyroid UK has a list of Endochronologist’s who have prescribed who are helpful. I see Mr Barnes at Pembury Tonbridge Wells hospital. He has his faults but at least he is supportive. All the best.

  13. Patricia

    I’m in U.K.
    Been on Thyroxin for years.
    Feel no better.
    Seen endocrinologist to no avail.

  14. Melanie and David R Schrand

    Thank you for this blog post and it shows a real doctor that cares about his patients and that we all need T3. At least he is a medical doctor that actually gets it for a change!

  15. CJ Hinke

    Endocrims are feeding the HPA axis of evil. Move along: It’s all in your head!

    Rare to find a doctor who thinks outside the box and is willing to speak out.

  16. Karen White

    Thank you for standing up for us all. I’m not sure that anything will change in our lifetime, but hopefully in the future.

  17. Julie Russell

    I’m currently seeing an Endo in the UK for help. I have come to the end of the road on T4 and they basically told me on my last visit many patients buy T3 on the internet as they can’t prescribe due to cost – I can’t believe what I’m experiencing!!! I can’t believe how much research I’ve had to do just to persuade my GP to put me infront of an Endo – all I know is how I feel and that should matter more than any numbers telling them I am fine… I’M NOT!!!
    I’m sure if I was an Endo my job satisfaction would come from making my patients well not shutting my eyes and ears and rendering myself powerless!!!
    Thankyou Dr Resimont for speaking up – I hope ‘they’ listen because ‘they’re’ not listening to patients!

  18. Paula Brownsmith

    Music to my ears 🤗 I’ve been on combo treatment for just over a year. My private prescription is sent to Germany to be filled. I wonder what will happen after Brexit 😞

  19. Susan Siens

    What has amazed me about the poor quality treatment of hypothyroidism in Canada, the U.K., France, etc, is that these are countries with national health coverage. I get that in the U.S. everyone makes more money by not properly treating hypothyroidism, but in nations with national health programs they would SAVE money by pursuing proper treatment. And there does not seem to be any interest in saving money let alone helping people to be healthier!

  20. Bernie

    Never felt well.on t4 only meds changed to ndt and feel amazing but the cost is over priced. I treat low D Low B12 zinc iron hormones and adrenals,cortisol. .finding a good dr who is knowledgeable and 1 who listens is hard work. We dont need anti depressants its not all in our head, we don’t consume copious amounts of food its poor treatment poor medication (t4only) poor educated drs with tunnel vision. LISTEN TO YOUR PATIENTS THEY ARE LIVING THE DISEASE IF THEY R STILL SYMPTOMATIC THEY ARE NOT ON RIGHT MEDS.

  21. Lynette Knott

    At last the voice of reason! GPs and Endos in UK
    have no thyroid knowledge and no idea about T3,
    worse still is the fact that they don’t want to learn!
    I’m so grateful to Janie for all her hard work-I have been able to turn my life around by following her books. Thank you Janie🙏🏼

  22. Annie Larsen

    Caution to Dr Stéphane Résimont: Esteemed Doctor; please be careful. By speaking out about the malpractice of prescribing T4-only to Hashimoto, low-thyroid and removed-thyroid patients, you may now come under attack by the ultra-rich pharmaceutical companies. If they do not succeed at closing down your clinic and medical practice with many legal challenges, mis-information and libel media campaigns, they may attempt to “buy your silence” with a purchase of your medical practice so that you will retire early.
    Please keep telling and writing the truth about using T3 and Natural Desiccated Thyroid-tissue and all the mineral and vitamins and hormones required to adequately replace the missing thyroid-produced hormones in humans. You are a treasure and we who have SUFFERED for DECADES salute you and will keep you in our prayers. Sincerely, Annie Larsen in USA.

  23. Rose Montgomery

    THANK YOU! Having suffered a thyroidectomy and being treated for years with only T4 this is music to my ears!

  24. Faiza Abou Zeid

    Thanks Dr Rismond I agree with all your comments .I am a Hypothyroidism patient for about 20 years ..taking T4 medication and increasing the dose tillb400 microgram daily 4 tablets×100
    But I suffer from extra weight and not sleeping well All the problems you mentioned in your letter I am very well experiencing them …I take Selenium too
    I live in Cairo and the only medication we have is levothyroxine T4 .
    What can I do ?

    • Lillian Freedman

      Contact an Israeli pharmacy and see if they will ship it to you. maybe ask your embassy there about logistics my friend in Tel Aviv. does very well with t3 and t4. I have been on Synthroid and Cytomel added in 2008. changed my life Good luck and stay determined to get what you need

  25. Janice

    Thank you so much for speaking the truth and coming forward with the truth! It is so appreciated as most doctors even endocrinologist in the US do not know how to properly treat Hypothyroidism…..they just go by the TSH! Really appreciate your efforts!

  26. Julie

    Thanks for speaking out. I would like to see some more in-depth discussion of this sentence of your letter, as something appears to be missing in the automated translation to English. I feel it is an important point, but I think I’m missing some of it, particularly the part concerning the ‘nuclear power receptor’ (?) and cytokines/dysbiosis. Would love to see a fuller treatment of this subject to explain how they all are related and affect T3 usage.

    “no dosage of erythrocyte magnesium, zinc, B12, selenium, and they are not overly worried about the fate of T3 since, as you know, it needs vitamin D, vitamin A with a good omega 3 status and the absence of cytokines leading to dysbiosis, so that the receptor that goes nuclear power can ultimately act.”

  27. Anny

    I am from France, living in Western Canada and have been on ERFA, a natural Desiccated Thyroid Hormone for about six years. I have one lobe left that now also has nodules and cysts.
    I am not the healthiest but doing much better than in my hypothiroidic thirties.
    France needs to either add synthetic T3 to Levo or Synthroid or switch to pig’s thyroid hormone!

  28. Gail

    Not only in France are there lousy endos.They exist in Canada also.Then there are doctors that think because you don’t have a thyroid all the extra work is put on the parathyroid…duh!!!This is a very good write up Dr.Resimont!

  29. Tonya

    Thank you Dr. Resimont .. we need more doctors like you .

  30. Patricia

    Thank you for finally standing up for all of us who put our faith in doctors and endocrinologist and instead, continue to feel terrible. After 10 years of mistreatment in several countries, I have come back to the UK to find an absolute disrespect of patients and patient care. I only wish we had someone like Dr Resimont fighting for us here.

  31. michelle Camden

    Pharma funds 65% of medical schools and more to the FDA. They are the richest entities in the world. They have reached this status because they have perfected the art of keeping the population alive, but sick. Your body is being prostituted by Pharmaceutical pimps. Pharma makes the food additives, the herbicides, the pesticides, the GMOs , the antibiotics. steroids, growth hormones, criminal farming practices and the food animal concentration camps. Their success is spectacular. The new epidemic is pre diabetes in elementary school children and the rest of us are popping toxic drugs from birth to grave and NO ONE is talking about this. Ordinary people have to start refusing the pills and reaching into themselves for the strength to change their whole paradigm. I talk to every tired overweight depressed middle age woman in the checkout lines the bank and anywhere anyone will listen..

  32. Rebecca Rossi

    Thank you, Dr. Resimont!!!! Keep up the great work of advocating for the millions of thyroid patients needlessly suffering in France and around the world!! You speak the truth and eventually the truth will be heard.

  33. Cathy

    I loved this letter and as another poster commented, I wish there was. Dr. that could influence U.S. doctors.

  34. Christine Flato

    Dear Dr. Resimont,
    I appreciation the passion (and frustration) you have for getting this problem rectified. I am one of the many thyroid patients who have been struggling with this issue. It’s very difficult to understand how this can happen in this day of so called enlightenment. I believe with folks like you as well as Jannie Bowen and other voices speaking out from a place of knowledge and clinical experience we at least stand a chance at being heard and I believe change will eventually come. Jannie’s book STTM has been a great help to me and I continue to sing it’s praises whenever I can. Thank you! Sincerely, Christine Flato (Canada)

  35. Sehnaz

    Hi, my sister has hypothyroid for about 10 years. Before she had hyperthyroid and after pregnancy, it turned to hypo. She has so many symptoms like fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, pulmonary artery stenosis-dilatation, hair loss… So, I’m so desperate about her, can’t help her.
    She is 38 yo. On January 2020 her free T3=1,94 pg/ml, free T4= 1,37 ng/ml, Anti-TPO= 970 IU/ml, anti-HTG= 1227 IU/ml. On June 2020 her free T4 is 1.52 ng/ml, TSH=0,05 uIU/ml. Doctors give her Levothyroxine but for years her thyroid hormones not balanced. Maybe T3/T4 she must use. I don’t know I’m confused. Do you have any idea? Thanks

  36. Ana G

    Thank you for Sharing. Why does this T3 thing does not go away? I was recently prescribed Synthroid after my DTM stopped working and put me into a deep mental fog.
    After 3 months I asked to be put on Armour and fortunately my doc listened to me. And I’m feeling better.
    I have learned so much from your blog and website.
    Thank you for keeping good us informed

  37. Maureen Dillon

    A ray of hope in modern thyroid treatment wasteland ! What will it take for the rest of our physicians to get with the program ?

  38. Shinta Sato

    Thank you doctor.
    Thank you Jamie for sharing.
    When needed my daughter and I will consult you. In the meantime we are treated by Dr. Therese Hertoghe, highly recommended endocrinologist fourth generation in Brussels too.
    Without Jamie’s blog and books I would not have found out what we were suffering I for more than 15 years and my daughter the same. Now I am 53 yo, mother of 4, finally returning a happy wife of, working as a consultant in IT and at the peak of my health. I am back as when I was in my twenties.

    Am so relieved that we live in Belgium.
    Yours truly…

    • Sara

      We all know this and it is so discouraging to know that the majority of doctors won’t stand up for this. Hats off to this courageous physician. I am almost 38 years in this “madness” and still can’t get a doc to understand that I don’t feel good. They’ve held my life at ransom when they have the power to help! Not sure where to turn now as we don’t have functional medical docs here and naturopaths are not allowed to prescribe here. I would LOVE to be able to function well again…to get back and to give back to others.

  39. Cecilia B Lively

    Thank you for speaking out. I wish there were more doctors like you here in the Unites States.

  40. Lisa

    Thank you for this. I hope you get results. It is the same in England, but it is because of the expense of T3 in the UK that doctors only prescribe T4.

  41. Elaine

    Many thanks to this wonderful Doctor for speaking out for us hypo. patients.

  42. Sherri Groves

    Thank for this open honest letter. We have very few doctors that would be willing to do this here in the USA. So thank you much Dr. Resimont. At least we can get the word out to our friends.

  43. Laurna Newlands

    Thank you for writing and confirming what we as patients know – please send it to Scotland too 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I have just purchased T3 from abroad as our GPs won’t give it to me I have to try and save myself I have now also developed rheumatoid arthritis and I’m sure it will go when I get the t3 thank you thank You Thank you you made me feel sane. Please keep helping and sending your letters to all 💕

    • Diane Gardner

      Dear Laurna Newlands,
      I’d love to know where you bought T3. Having been on it for 10 years, my NDT runs out in 7wks and I’m dreading life without it.

  44. Rupal Patel

    Bravo! It’s outrageous how thyroid patients are treated. With broken bodies we have to do our own research and buy medicine we need to live any kind of quality life on the black market. Shame on the medical industry in France and the UK.

  45. Laurie

    We need a credible physician in the US to speak out against substandard T4 only treatments-the US is the worst when it comes to involvement of big pharma in the policy and education of our endocrinologists-it should be a crime to withhold info or treatment options and lab tests needed to get a holistic picture of what an individual patient needs regarding their thyroid issues!!!

  46. Aase Hare

    Thank you for this honest letter!


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