New group formed called the Coalition for Natural Desiccated Thyroid

holdinghands2Wish you could talk to others about relevant facts concerning the current shortage, the FDA’s actions with Time Caps Labs, DESI and the New Drug Application, clinical trials, and related concerns? Have important information to share?

A new group has just been created to work alongside other groups, including save natural thyroid. Smartly called the Coalition for Natural Desiccated Thyroid, it  represents unity of concern and is created for patients, advocates, medical professionals, representatives of pharmaceuticals who manufacture desiccated thyroid, or anyone with an interest in the four aims of this group:

1) Sharing of factual information concerning natural desiccated thyroid
2) Discussion of current issues related to desiccated thyroid
3) Unity among all concerned
4) Coordination of grassroots action where needed.

The discussion, support and action of this group does not limit itself to any one group, advocate, website or forum, and welcomes any mention of information from websites, advocates, medical professionals or etc. which/who post about or have the same concerns as the aims above.

Join the group here:

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10 Responses to “New group formed called the Coalition for Natural Desiccated Thyroid”

  1. kerry says:

    Can you please post a direct link to yahoo group, tried typing link in but it won’t work, thanks

    from Janie:

  2. Gayle says:

    Has anyone thought about having an independent lab analyze the newly reformulated “Armour”? Should we just take their word for what they’re putting in there? And if there IS actually any natural dessicated thyroid in it- how much? And exactly what are the fillers? They say it’s cellulose. What effect does the cellulose have on the uptake or absorption of the active ingredient? And what prompted them to change the formulation in the first place and think that they can still call it “Armour”, and not warn patients or doctors? What they have done is criminal.

  3. Pat Vinson says:

    Have been taking thyroid since age 15 (am now 88), and if it is the natural stuff (old Armour) I feel great. If it is the fake, symptoms proliferate. Lately, I have been wondering if the problem was with me, and then heard about the demise of Armour. Ye Gad! Aren’t there supposed to be agencies that regulate (police) drug suppliers?

  4. I use to be on Synthroid and it didnt work . The Dr. put me on Armour and I felt so much better in no time and now Ive got to go back on the synthroid because I cant get the Armour. Im so worried about this I cant think of anything else. I hope we can soon get the Natural meds. back or I might as well go to bed and stay there. I hope who ever is responcible for this has to pay.

  5. Deborah says:

    I am new on thyroid medication. I ask for and got Armour originally even though my doc recommended synthetic. Now I can’t find it and someone told me to try “Westhroid” that it was natural. I can’t even get that – only a generic of it and I don’t feel it’s working as well. I was told that it’s natural. Does anyone know anything about Westhroid?
    Thank you!

  6. SMc says:

    (From Janie: we reported it to Yahoo this morning. Hopefully it will be back up soon.)

    This group had just started last week, and then early this morning it suddenly disappeared from the yahoo groups with no explanation and no warning, as did another of the similar groups. What happened?

  7. Colleen says:

    (From Janie: we reported it to Yahoo this morning. Hopefully it will be back up soon.)

    I am using the address highlighted to join the group but it keeps telling me no group listed. please post a direct link, i would be very interested in getting involved in helping to insure my health and hundreds of others.

  8. Rob Marks says:

    (from Janie: we reported it to Yahoo this morning and hope to see it return soon. This has happened before with other groups.)

    Hey, guess what, folks? The newly-formed group, Coalition For Desiccated Thyroid, has vanished in thin air.

    I joined this new Yahoo Group, which I learned about on this bulletin board (see above) on Saturday night. On Sunday morning, there were appx. 300 new members admitted. The message board was filled with timely news.
    It was going great guns.

    Today, on Monday morning, the group is gone. Vanished. Yahoo says no such group exists.

    I can’t imagine why Yahoo would take them down. Or perhaps did the group owner decide to shut down.

    Does anyone know? Or have they moved to another site?

  9. Pam says:

    (From Janie: I have been contacted by Yahoo tonight–they are making the “Coalition group disappearance” as an “escalation priority” for its return. So we should hopefully see it back soon without the need to create another group.)

    there is also a facebook page “save-natural-thyroid” and they will be giving updates about the shut down yahoo sites- they have created Another List (see below)

    this is what was written: For some reason, Yahoo appears to have arbitrarily deleted the Save Natural Thyroid list that had been created there. As a temporary measure, I’ve created a Topica list, / To send a message: / To subscribe:

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